eHealth Ireland & Northern Ireland Connected Health Ecosystem

The second eHealth Ireland & Northern Ireland Connected Health Ecosystem event was held in the Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute on Friday 12th January.

The event was opened by the Chief Clinical Information Officer, Yvonne Goff, who welcomed everyone and thanked those who worked to make the event a reality and the ADAPT Centre for hosting the day. Yvonne spoke of the importance of cross border collaboration in Ireland and emphasised how our eHealth systems must be interoperable and independent of borders.

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eHealth Ireland Ecosystem

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There are many existing and emerging ideas around how digital technology can promote positive mental health and well-being e.g. online support groups, mobile phone applications, games, virtual reality, virtual therapists, robots, artificial intelligence, and so on. The eHealth Ireland Ecosystem will meet to discuss this important topic and how these technologies can be best used.

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