Council of Clinical Information Officers – Annual Gathering

The day opened with Chief Clinical Information Officer Yvonne Goff welcoming all delegates and reminding us of the leading role the Council of Clinical Information Officers is taking to deliver technology that is clinically led and patient focused in Ireland. Yvonne spoke next of the quarterly eHealth Ireland Ecosystem events which continue to re-enforce connections between eHealth stakeholders – attracting and encouraging participation from clinicians, researchers, patient organisations, start-ups, and innovators. She told the gathered members that the expert is in all of us who have ideas to deliver enhanced healthcare and the key to building on this is working together in partnership. The Electronic Health Record was identified as our main priority and Yvonne stressed the importance of continued clinical input in driving the initiative forward. Upcoming initiatives such as the online Innovation in Healthcare Repository and Clinical Risk Management Framework were outlined before Yvonne finished by welcoming our first speaker of the day Eamon Coyne.

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CCIO Among the Weeds

The Garden Shed

Our Chief Information Officer (CIO), Richard Corbridge, recently wrote a blog about being locked in the garden shed and I wondered if part of a Chief Clinical Information Officer’s (CCIO) role is spending time in the garden also – but not locked in the shed, instead down among the weeds.

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