Our Work

The Council of Clinical Information Officers highlights the importance of collaborating with clinicians in order to ensure technology implementations can be designed, developed, and delivered successfully and efficiently. 

The Council of Clinical Information Officers (The Council) was established by the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OoCIO) in March 2015. The purpose of the Council is to create and facilitate a network of expertise, consisting of clinicians and those who have experience in taking a leading role in delivering eHealth, to drive eHealth projects in Ireland. The Council aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of business cases for priority eHealth projects and programmes to ensure that the implementation of technology meets the needs of patients and clinicians to deliver a high quality, effective and integrated health care service.
  • Guide the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure eHealth solutions are designed, developed, and implemented so that quality, safety and value are continuously improved;
  • Network with international colleagues to learn from success and failure in the wider global eHealth arena.

The Council is dispersed geographically and internationally, and is brought together for specific team meetings, or convened through special interest groups particularly, although not limited to, the following functions:

  • Advisory and consultation
  • Initiation and innovation
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Implementation and delivery
  • Research and development

In addition to its general functions the Council will afford the eHealth programme a pool of expertise and experience through specific panels. These panels will be composed of self-selected members, who have an expertise, interest or skill set relevant to the item of discussion, examination or potential ICT solution.

  • Expert advisory panels encompass a very broad representation across health and wellbeing (e.g. Shared Record Programme, Electronic Health Record, etc.)
  • Specialist panels are expected to hold specific knowledge or experience in relation to a detailed item for discussion (e.g. ePharmacy, Health Information and Patient Safety Bill, eReferrals, etc.)

2016 was an exciting time for the Council and all the members. The Council has grown from strength to strength and have participated in events across the globe. The success of the council has received international recognition and commendations on the inclusive work by the members.

CCIO 2016 achievements