Our Team

Yvonne Goff
Chief Clinical Information Officer
Yvonne Goff is the Chief Clinical Information Officer of the Health Service Executive. A radiographer by background, she has over 18 years of experience in the Health Sector with five of these directly involved in Informatics. Yvonne aims to continue to grow and develop the CCIO making a positive and lasting difference in the delivery of eHealth solutions across the Irish Healthcare systems.
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Carole Glynn
Digital Innovation
Carole’s work involves the formulation and monitoring of strategy and governance, focusing on eHealth regulation, research and innovation. She is World Fellow in Social Science at ISSC and holds a doctorate in Business Administration, an MBA and degrees in both public administration and radiography. Previously she has held senior roles in service provision and management, achieving significant developments in clinical delivery and quality.
Conor O'Shea
Primary Care
Conor has been a GP in Drogheda since 1998. He is currently National Co-ordinator of the GPIT group, which has overseen the ongoing development of IT usage in general practice in Ireland. He is also secretary of the HealthOne user group, which is Ireland’s longest established GP software. His strong belief is that IT for clinicians should be both user-friendly and of value in improving clinical care.
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Seamus MacSuibhne
Community Care
Séamus MacSuibhne graduated in medicine from University College Dublin in 2002. Since 2011 he has been a consultant psychiatrist in Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary Mental Health Services. He has a Masters in Medical Education from the University of Dundee and a MA in Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health from the University of Warwick.
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Paula Kavanagh
Acute Care
Paula has a Masters in Health Informatics from the University of Sheffield and is currently undertaking her PhD in Dublin City University. The focus of her PhD is data and its effective use in the clinical environment through analytics. Paula is Joint Chair of the Health Informatics Society of Ireland -Nursing and Midwifery.
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In respect of the Council’s activities, the strategic approach of the CCIO Management Team is to:

  • Continue to grow and sustain the Council as a rich network of expertise
  • Initiate collaboration and co-production fora
  • Be accountable for promoting eHealth Ireland as a proactive business enabler
  • Be the initial focal point and pipeline between clinicians, academics and researchers, innovators and design solutions
  • Promote a strategic approach to developing new services and managing existing ones

The CCIO Management Team holds an additional role through the eHealth I3 platform (innovation, ideation and impact), to

  • Lead on new clinical enterprise programme management
  • Offer a portal to solution design
  • Lead on research and development in respect of clinical innovation
  • Manage planning and portfolio of new business
  • Be responsible for end-to-end of all new enterprises from initiation to engagement delivery
  • Establish the commensurate demand profile and resource requirements of potential innovation
  • Identify business needs, incorporating early warning profiles of clinical risk, governance, outcomes requirements and end state expectations.



The CCIO Management Team will implement the strategy by:

  • Sustaining and maintaining effective inter- and intra- communications
  • Promoting the benefits of eHealth to all staff across service delivery
  • Bridging the gap between national and local strategies by sharing lessons learned
  • Be the key link to the Council for all aspects of the strategy such as training, communications, innovation and engagement.
  • Actively listening to and incorporating the Council by promoting and representing their views, guidance, direction, advocacy, challenges and expertise to the HSE. This approach will also be leveraged going forward to successfully realise on-going OoCIO projects (such as the Knowledge and Information Plan and the eHealth Strategy).
  • Delivering an operational plan and model which optimises resources