‘Jargonbusters’ acknowledged at HSE Excellence Shared Learning Event

Over 300 projects from all over the country entered the 2017 Health Service Excellence Awards. These projects highlight the HSE staff who are delivering better services with easier access and higher quality care for patients. Among the projects was Jargonbusters, a collection of posters I created to introduce the reader to the subject of Healthcare Informatics and eHealth. The posters were a fantastic opportunity to untangle some of the complexity of Healthcare Informatics and eHealth under several themes such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Wearables.

On the 1st of February 2018, a celebration took place in the form of a ‘shared learning’ workshop to give collective recognition to 21 Excellence projects, including Jargonbusters. This was an opportunity for the project leads to engage, share key learnings and establish how best to disseminate value and learning from the projects across the health system.

The day continued with three of the winning finalist teams sharing their learning from the projects. They were asked to describe what they believed contributed to the successful outcome of their projects. Their responses included:

  • identification of champions
  • gain senior management support
  • be consistent in creating and communicating the vision
  • share and feed back to all stakeholders

The final part of the workshop involved feeding back to the group on how we can share & embed learning. Key themes that emerged included word of mouth; local ownership/drivers at all levels; audit and re-audit to measure/review effectiveness; online communication tools; search themes. Slight bias-picture of feedback table I was sitting at.

It was a great day and so inspiring to see just how much innovation is taking place across the health sector in Ireland.

Louise Geraghty

About Louise Geraghty

Louise Geraghty is a member of the Nurse Practice and Quality Department team of Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Dublin working as a Nursing Documentation Project Lead for Generic Nursing Documentation, Falls Prevention &Management and Early Warning Score Monitoring and Escalation. Louise supports undergraduate and post graduate nursing staff. Louise is an active member of Twitter and LinkedIn and loves to network, seek inspiration and inspire others to minimise change fatigue and to demonstrate that your voice can and will be heard.