Introducing the 1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund

As the world turns between Brexit and Trump-it, we face uncertain times in 2017 and beyond. One challenge that is perpetual and universal is the pressure that healthcare systems are under, worldwide. Whether we look at the Irish/ NHS or US Healthcare systems they are all facing calls for major reform and improvement.

The pressure to innovate while improving care for patients and professionals at the frontline is not easy. My own work of 20 years in emergency medicine and then in variety of CCIO roles in informatics has led me to conclude that the progress we yearn for in healthcare improvement is being held back by the current state of health IT. So 21st Century Healthcare is awaiting for the Platform that will transform.

The Challenge

Most recently I’ve become involved in a related push in the NHS towards a “1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund”, aiming to encourage and support those at the frontline who wish to effectively innovate whilst openly collaborating, to address some of the universal challenges we face in healthcare. Expressions of Interest are now welcome – on an All Islands basis (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland) –  from CCIOs/CIOs, indeed anyone at the clinical frontline, with an idea that could be supported by an open collaborative eHealth platform.

Our Open Digital Platform proposal paper which goes into more detail on the challenge and proposed approach is available at along with an invitation to submit your Expression Of Interest, which I’d now welcome you to do.
Thanks for spreading the word and sharing the message. (#1percentfund on Twitter)

Tony Shannon


Director, Ripple Foundation. Qualified in Medicine in University College Dublin. Involved in Informatics at local/regional/national/international levels over the last 10 years, inc CCIO roles in Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Leeds City leading on the Leeds Care Record. Interests in change in complex systems, clinical leadership, process improvement, information technology, the pursuit of "value" in healthcare.