What can the general public look forward to with Ireland’s eHealth programme?

Open heart surgery won’t be performed by a robot… at least not yet!

When it comes to technology in Ireland we can look forward to a vast range of benefits from having a national eHealth programme, but the ultimate aim will be better, more efficient patient care. When we access health services as patients, our health journey may take us into many places. Hospitals, GP surgeries and the wider healthcare community have complex, integrated workflows needed to provide care to patients, families and local communities.

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eHealth Connect day – Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore

The HSE eHealth Ireland team in partnership with the Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore are delighted to announce an eHealth Connect event at the Research and Education Centre, Scott Building, Midlands Regional Hospital Campus.

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Are we providing quality care for patients and how are we measuring and assuring this?

How do we as nurses know we are providing the best care possible? We ultimately want to improve the patient healthcare journey. In 2010, Mandie Sunderland (CEO of the then Heart of England Foundation Trust) spoke to Irish nurse managers at a national conference about her worries in the provision of care by all her nurses in her Trust. She spoke of assuming care was okay unless told otherwise. She reassured high level managers that care delivered by nurses was up to the proper standards. After the Mid Staffordshire Report showed severe deficiencies of care in a neighbouring Trust, she felt she needed more than assuming care was meeting standards in her Trust and set about developing “metrics” to measure the fundamentals of care. Metrics highlighted improvements she needed to make immediately to support nurses to ensure care reached the required standards. When Mandie spoke to Irish nurse managers, she was candid in saying that the reality of care delivery was far from rosy.

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The myth of “digital natives” and health IT

The purported existence of digital natives supposedly has massive implications for IT in every domain, and especially health. We are told that patients and clinicians will, more and more, be digital natives, and that their expectations of and confidence with IT will be correspondingly greater.

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A Nurse on a Journey

Understanding eHealth & Healthcare Informatics

Having only known a predominantly paper based healthcare system, I have slowly began the journey to untangle the complex world of Healthcare Information Technology, in particular technology enablers to capture and guide the patients journey across their lifespan through the continuum of care. Working as a Nursing Documentation Project lead in Connolly Hospital, I remain on a journey to understand how nursing practice can be reflected in an electronic format.

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The Technodoctor

Putting stories at the heart of healthcare

Cecil Helman was a South African-born GP who died in 2009 of motor neurone disease. He was also an anthropologist whose textbook, Culture, Health and Illness remains a key reference and teaching text for medical anthropology. His approach to medicine, and life, is summed up in the words of one of his obituaries:

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Time for Change

A Time for Everything

“There is a time for everything”.  It’s not the norm to start a tech blog with a quote from the bible, and I promise not to make a habit of it, but there is a time for everything, and we are certainly in a time of change. I’ve joined the CCIO team to try to help that change; not for the CCIO or the eHealth Ireland team, but for those who work in the Irish Health Service and those who use it. We’re often told that the most dangerous phrase is “That’s the way we’ve always done it”, however waving that at our natural fear of change can be quite unhelpful. So let’s talk about change.

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